PI Update: Kiosks!

At the eastern end of Pleasure Island, in an area now named Riverboat Square, are four kiosks that are constantly being changed as to what they're selling. This one is now home to Wondermade Gourmet Marshmallos.

Pop Gallery, which recently lost their Disney Springs West Side location to the Everglazed Donut shop,  apparently has or is relocating to this kiosk adjacent the No. 1 Bridge.

The other kiosk that fronts Paddlefish is now home to Eyecatchers, home to those things you hang from your house that spin in the wind.

The fourth kiosk at Riverboat Square is Happy Hound, for those that left their poor dog in the kennel at home and feel guilty about it. It replaces Swings N'Things, a store selling....hammocks. You never know what you're going to find at Disney Springs!

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