A DJ Saved My Life

Back in 2018 we did an article here on the Blog remembering the bleak days post-Pleasure Island and recognizing DJ Leony (USA) for getting me through those depressing days with his EDM sets at Latin Quarter. ARTICLE LINK That brings us to 2020 and those depressing days when everything was shut down due to covid19 and walking around downtown was so bleak.

By mid 2020 bars and clubs remained shuttered but bars with restaurants could reopen. Numerous bars that didn't already offer food quickly did so and reopened. But to my knowledge, none of them had DJ's playing.....except Elixir!

And it was quite the place!

Their reduced dance floor always remained active.

There was always plenty of scenery.

And a good time was had by all.

So we want to recognize resident DJ K1KO (USA) for delivering great House music sets here every Friday night.

As well as resident DJ Chino (USA) doing the same here every Saturday night. Those were some depressing times and you all helped me and many others get through it. This is no April 1st gag, these DJ's saved my life!

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