PI Update: 10 Years Ago

Continuing with our monthly "10 Years Ago" series of articles and looking back on Pleasure Island in March of 2011.

As we reported in January and February, the back-to-back demolitions of club Motion and Rock'N'Roll Beach Club. More than 2 years since the clubs closed, something was finally happening.

By mid-month the cleanup of the space was largely completed.

An opposite view from atop Fulton's Crab House.

Another view from our Blog's official SkyCam.

By month-end grass had begun to sprout. There were persistent rumors of some kind of "lighthouse" restaurant coming to this location. That would actually become true with The Boathouse restaurant many years later.

Mannequins remained locked tight.

You could still buy a Kungaloosh at Laffer's Cantina which had reopened after being shuttered with all the Island's comedy and dance clubs in 2008.

And the announcement of Hyperion Wharf went over with a big thud.

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