DS Update: Chicago Restaurants Coming

We've previously reported on the arrival of Chicago-based Portillo's to the Orlando area. A couple of opening dates have come and gone but apparently testing is still in progress. The place looks definitely ready to have their signage unwrapped and be opened for business. Specializing in juicy Italian Beef sandwiches and Chicago-style hot dogs, Portillo's is located in Lake Buena Vista at the corner of Palm Parkway and Daryl Carter Blvd. Opening any day now.

Located nearly directly behind Portillo's in Lake Buena Vista will be Florida's very first White Castle. They're really not a Chicago chain per se but they do operate there so that's how I'm familiar with them. They are in many major markets in the northeast and as far south as the Nashville area. In the south, White Castle fans migrate to the very-similar Krystal for "sliders". Opening within a few months.

In Disney Springs West Side, Chicago-based Beatrix remains in limbo. The land was previously cleared and then covid19 hit early last year and construction ended. A year later, nothing has restarted so we don't know the status. Beatrix, serving healthier food, is to be located where Bongos Cuban Cafe used to stand.

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