Club Reports: Atlantic Dance Hall & The Groove

So when is Disney's Atlantic Dance Hall reopening? We have no official information, just rumors, but all indications are that it won't be reopening anytime soon. Why? Because Disney is being understandably very cautious in their phased reopenings and the last thing they need is for bad press arising from someone catching covid19 while anywhere at the resort. The general public does not differentiate a club from the theme parks so why take a risk of people congregating at a dance club when it could impact their core business which is theme parks and hotels. Not smart. So we don't see ADH reopening anytime soon.

So when is Universal's primary dance club, The Groove reopening? While Bob Marley's has reopened in CityWalk, it's mostly an outdoor courtyard which is quite different from The Groove which is indoors. Universal has successfully reopened its theme parks and the last thing they need is for someone to get ill at a dance club and the news report that someone got sick at Universal. Not smart. So we don't see TG reopening anytime soon either. We'll continue to monitor both situations and report on any updates.

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