PI Update: Loco Motion

Looking back 10 years ago to February, 2011 and the demolition of club Motion and Rock'N'Roll Beach Club. The upstairs of Motion contained the hidden offices of Levy Restaurants.

Water view of Pleasure Island with RRBC out of the way. They didn't know it at the time because plans were not finalized but Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar would end up here along with the Waterview Stage.

And the Motion spot would become home to The Boathouse restaurant.

It was necessary to demolish Motion because Disney intended to create a pedestrian pathway in this alleyway area between Raglan Road on the left and Portobello Country Italian Restaurant on the right. At the time there was concern that many guests skipped going to the West Side due to perceived difficulty getting there across Pleasure Island. A "Motion Corridor" was needed.

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