PI Update: 8TRAX Reunion @ Retro Room

Shortly after the Pleasure Island clubs closed, a curious new bar opened along US 192 not far from Walt Disney World. It was dedicated to 70's Disco & 80's Funk, similar to what had been played at 8TRAX. And that venue was called Retro Room.

So later this month but 10 years ago Save Pleasure Island Blog hosted a 70's Disco night at Retro Room.

And it featured former 8TRAX DJ Pete Haynes (USA) delivering the good stuff.

The bar was packed!

The dance floor drew a crowd!

The peeps were getting down!

8TRAX regular Dawn was in the club! 

As was former 8TRAX door host Thommy!

70's line dances.

Retro Room always drew a crowd.

Doing the "Bump".

And of course the "YMCA". Sadly, Retro Room eventually closed down but while it operated, a good time was always had by all.

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