DS Update: Is NBA Experience A Missed Shot?

When Disney demolished DisneyQuest and replaced it with the equally massive NBA Experience, we expressed some skepticism that this was a wise idea. Universal had recently closed its NBA City Restaurant in CityWalk after a long run but what made Disney think a NBA-themed attraction would do any better? We originally thought it was going to include a restaurant and it wasn't until later that we learned CityWorks Eatery and Brewery was a separate entity although in the same building.

Of course there was no way to anticipate that NBA Experience would be impacted by a pandemic that has shut the place down for close to a year now. But aside from that, how much demand did they think there would be to participate in various interactive "experiences" such as shooting and dribbling at a cost of over $34 per person? Hopefully they're coming up with something else to replace this missed shot.

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