PI Update: Remembering Our Clubs!

Ran into these Pleasure Island souvenir glasses this past weekend and it was great to stir-up the memories. I was a rare visitor to Adventurers Club and absolutely never went to Comedy Warehouse. I wasn't against comedy, I just felt I was missing something at my favorite clubs Mannequins and 8TRAX. During the early Hip Hop years I frequented BET Soundstage. During the later years Id visit club Motion at midnight for the "Cupid Shuffle" and other line dances but then it was back to Mannequins. Pleasure Island sold a lot of logo memorabilia in the early and middle years but towards the end very little. After the PI closure was announced, they did bring out the above plastic souvenir glasses featuring the logo of each remaining clubs. By this time RRBC was already closed and it was not included on the glasses. Memories!


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