Dowtown Update: Open And Closed

Avenue Gastropub on Orange Avenue has apparently gone out of business. This past weekend their windows and doors were papered-over and their phone, while not disconnected, goes unanswered. They were more of a restaurant than a bar although they did occasionally have DJ's playing. Famous Orlando nightlife venues Senso and Zinc Bar once operated here. Given its excellent location and history, would be great if a club reopened in here.

This spot on Church Street was once home to a nightclub called Touch back around 2012 where one could order drinks from touch video screens located within the tables that patrons sat at. It didn't last long and since then has either been idle or home to a series of restaurants that didn't last long either. New signs indicate that Cucina Pizza & Bar will be coming soon. We hope it helps increase activity along the beleaguered Church Street.

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