PI Update: Our Clubs Over The Holidays

Let's cross this bridge one more time to beautiful Pleasure Island to check out the clubs over these upcoming year-end holiday weeks!

Immediately on our left after crossing the bridge, the amazing Adventurers Club. If you're in the area come on in to see if there will be any Library shows this year. You know the Colonel will be there waiting for you. Kungaloosh!

Walking further down Hill Street and hanging a right at The Hub, you'll find Mannequins Dance Palace. Although the holidays bring large crowds to Disney World, I always found Mannequins to be kind of dead those last two weeks of the year since the majority of those crowds were families rather than singles or couples. Don't come here on NYE this year as there won't be any fireworks!

There will be plenty of 70's & 80's fun though at 8TRAX so be sure to come here for a visit too. All three of these clubs remain standing even if Motion, Rock'N'Roll Beach Club and Comedy Warehouse were razed. There's still fun to be had on beautiful Pleasure Island.

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